Connect directly to a grower and get wholesale weed bags shipped

Buy weed in bulk; Welcome on Board Humboldt Board Company, where growers in Humboldt County, CA bring you the best of flowers, Cannagars, Concentrates and moon rocks. These wholesale quality weed bags are all indoor and our catalogue we are going to provide contains preliminary details. Connect on Snapchat to see a catalogue of our available strains.

Buy weed in bulk from us at $3,300 = 3 lbs and $5,000 = 5 lbs.

You could get a mix of 12 well labelled Grade AA strains of a qp each shipped. Contact our Team right now to talk about fronts. East Coast shipping and trucking routes all covered.

buy weed in bulk
wholesale weed jars

Wholesale weed jars. Why consider buying in bulk

You are getting these affordable prices since you are connecting directly to the grower. Hence, we have eliminated 2 other steps in the production cycle. You need not a middle man again in purchasing beautiful Grade A buds. We are also available to promote local buyers looking to supply folks in their respective counties. Get in touch today via any of our available channels and talk to an agent with respect to your specific requirements. We also offer grinders for weed wholesale.

Buying weed in bulk is now way straightforward and less cumbersome. We have trucking routes to every major city on the East Coast. Our major supply hubs include SC, GA, NC, CT, MO, MS, FL, TX, KS, MN, NY, AZ, PA, MI, TN, KY & OH. You can still buy weed from our team in bulk if your city isn’t mentioned amongst our Super hubs.

whole sale weed bags and prerolls

Grinders for weed wholesale

Buying weed in bulk and concentrates has never been easy. Our goal is to get the best THC & CBD buds to your doorstep safely. All you need is a precise mailing address as you wouldn’t need to sign up upon delivery.

Get a mix of 4 different strains each in a lb bag at $1,350. With verified Google Reviews and so many happy clients, we look forward to adding you to our success stories. Get these whole sale weed bags an enjoy these discounts.

What are you waiting for? Try getting our 3 lb bag at $3,300 today else 5 lbs at $5,000. You get to see live videos of our team preparing your package. We also boast of a couple trucking routes to the East Coast. Over time we could send out boxes and front to our loyal clients. Lets build this win-win relationship today. You get the best of our top tier hybrids shipped overnight to your precise location when you buy weed in bulk from us.

Click Here to see our available strains else leave a message on Snapchat to get a summarized catalogue.

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