Vape pens

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Enhance your smoking experience with marijuana vape pens

Bear in mind all Vape pens are 1g full pens

Don't take a big hit like you smoking

Inhale slow and short. Avoid taking big hits like its a blunt. Use your diaphragm to draw. 

Be careful of the coil it can break easily

You don’t need high heat, it can affect the quality of your vapor.

Let it cool down for a couple minutes

If it feels hot during vaping, let it cool down for a couple minutes. 

Make sure to keep your wax fresh

Keep your wax pen upright at all times. Continually clean your pen as it further helps clogging

Our Researchers

With over 7 years in the Cannabis Industry and a degree in Biochemistry from UCLA, her innovative ideas and goals are aligned to that of the company.  

Katrina Diane Smith

Testing the THC & CBD content of our products; flower, wax, moon rocks to our vape pens. His work is continually appreciated by the company. 

William A Melvin

In his 3rd year now with the Company, he is still revolutionizing our growing techniques; using available resources to maximize yield. 

victor Gabriel

Humboldt Bud Company


When it comes to functionality, portability, and ease of use, one marijuana accessory has gained immense popularity – vapes. You may know them as THC vape pen or vape cartridges, as they have become the preferred tool of smoking cannabis. Plenty of factors come into play when choosing the right vaping device. At Cannabis Hub, we offer a wide selection of indoor-grown strains and 100% THC cartridges for sale. We have high-quality assessors to ensure the delivery of top-notch items to your doorstep.

How do weed vape pens work and tips to use them

A vape cart is a glass cartridge pre-filled with some amount of cannabis oil that contains terpenes and cannabinoids. You can get THC cartridges as well as CBD-dominant ones on our website. They are available in different variants such as:

These work in conjunction with batteries and atomizers. The chemical components present in the oil are activated when the battery powers the atomizer to heat the product. You can then inhale the smoke produced. It is pretty simple to get started:

  • When you buy a THC cartridge online, you get a device with an on/off button. You may have to click it a certain number of times (usually 3-5) to activate or vice versa.
  • The cart should be attached to the battery. It is advised to charge it before the first-time usage.        
  • Use the mouthpiece to inhale and make sure to limit each intake to about 5 seconds
  • Keep monitoring the temperature to ensure the cart is not burning excessively. It can alter the chemical ingredients of the oil, which results in low-quality smoke. The ideal heating range is between 175-200 degrees Celsius.
  • You can refill the cartridge easily by using a syringe. Just fill it up with the vape juice and inject it into the cartridge opening.

Once you get used to vaping, the process becomes easy and fun. It is a great transition for someone who has been smoking blunts or taking cannabis capsules.

Mail order of THC vape cartridges at the click of a button

At Cannabis Hub, we aim to provide our customers with the highest grade cannabis products at reasonable prices. Thanks to our association with the leading industry brands, we have managed to put up top-notch THC oil cartridges for online sales. We have a dedicated and passionate team made up of individuals who aim at helping people gain the true benefits of cannabis. 

Our customer support team is always on standby to attend all your queries. If you have any ambiguity regarding the sales or shipping process, please contact us at any time convenient to you.

Available Brands

Cereal dab carts
dank vapes weed cart
supreme cart


$160 = A dozen

$305 = 24 pcs

$610 = 50 pcs

$1100 = 100 pcs


We do cover all States and other US Virgin Islands. 

Out of the US, reach us today to find out how long we could take to get one of our disguised packs to your precise location.

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