Base Cannagars

Base Cannagars


If you can not obtain sufficient of blowing on blunts, why not include a couple of even more hours to your smoking? Have a look at Cannabis Hub’s pure marijuana stogies available for sale and also try to stand up to the lure to drag on. Also called cannagars, these huge joints blend just natural ingredients as well as are fat enough to melt for hrs on end. They will make your smoking cigarettes experience means fancier, enabling a more lasting activity.

8 inch:

Flower mass — 15.0 grams

Rosin mass —- 9.0 grams

Estimated Burn time —–7.0 hours (approx)

Rig gauge diameter —– 45 cm


6 inch:

Flower mass — 11.5 grams

Rosin mass —- 6.0 grams

Estimated Burn time —–04.55 hours (approx.)

Rig gauge diameter —– 34.5 cm


4 inch:

Flower mass — 6.0 grams

Rosin mass —- 3.0 grams

Estimated Burn time —– 02 hours (approx)

Rig gauge diameter —– 29.5 cm


  • Ccigar I (8 inches)
  • Ccigar II (4 inches)
  • Double
  • Half Dozen
  • Dozen
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We offer marijuana cigars offer for sale as 100% organic smokeables that stand out from comparable items on the marketplace. The core of every Marijuana Hub’s cannagar is made with AA buds from top-quality indoor-grown flowers. It’s after that paired with pure rosin oil for a much healthier experience. Neither butane nor various other hazardous substances are used in our cannagars. Buy weed cigar from Humboldt Bud today at discounts.

Once rolled around skewers, our weed cigars up for sale obtain an environment-friendly covering with leaves of the marijuana plant. Yet it’s not the last step to make sure they accumulate all the advantages of cannabis. We after that leave our cannagars to treat for a minimum of 28 days so that they end up being “totally mature”. That’s why we can attest their exceptional high quality. Shop your canagar today


To begin you will require cannabis leaves. Leaves from an indica strain usually work best because of their wide shape. If you do not have access to fallen leaves, hemp-based blunts paper additionally works well.

Keep in mind: If you have access to marijuana leaves that are “flushing” (going thru cannibalization) you can use them. Colored leaves are not just fun however likewise contain less chlorophyll. No fear otherwise, fresh eco-friendly leaves work as well as the curing procedure gets rid of the cruelty.

Cannabis Blossom:

The cannabis you pick specifies your weed cigar and exactly how it will smoke (speed/burn qualities etc.) The most vital quality to search for in your blossom is stickiness. The more resin in the flower, the much better it will certainly remain packed together. Besides that, do not hesitate to mix and also match pressures. Relying on the gauge of stogie mold and mildew you select you will certainly need 4-10 grams of cannabis blossom per cannagar. Remove the stems.

Marijuana oil:

The marijuana essence you choose has a significant influence on the taste of the cannagar. The lighter the oil, the much better. Anticipate to utilize 1.5-2.5 grams per 10 gram cannagar. The oil not only serves as glue however makes sure an also shed that lasts over an hour with your whole team.

Sticking them all together is where the weed cigar ends up being a craft.

WHAT To Perform
Purple Rose believes that every person needs to reach treat themselves. As well as what much better means to treat yourself than a stogie rolled entirely out of marijuana? Here’s an inside consider exactly how Purple Rose rolls lovely, slow-burning marijuana cigar in just a few easy actions. LEARN MORE >>

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Ccigar I (8 inches), Ccigar II (4 inches)

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Double, Half Dozen, Dozen

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