Skittles moon rocks

Skittles moon rocks


  • Ounce
  • 2 Ounces
  • Quarter Pound
  • Gelato Glue
  • Runtz
  • Biscotti
  • Wedding Cake
  • Platinum Strawberry
  • Hercules
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • Green Crack
  • Girl Scout cookies
  • Blue dream


A brief overview of our Skittles moon rocks

The name moon rocks is very familiar to stoners. Skittles moon rocks comes with a little more beauty and elegance to the entire community. Skittles moon rock weed comes in 3 outstanding flavors. Exotic Gushers Skittles moon rocks for sale,  Zkittlez moonrock skittles for sale and the popular Wild Berry Skittles moon rock for sale. These beautiful nuggets are created by spraying each large nug of our Grade AA weed flower with smooth premium hash oil. A semi dry by-product is coated in our specially formulated kief giving it the outstanding colors. Skittles moon rocks are the champagne of the weed world. They completely change the game adding a intense aroma to the mainstream moon rocks. Our team of researchers is working on an skittles moon rock preroll and its gonna be available in due time.

How Unique are Skittle moonrock weed in comparison with the usual moon rocks?

Once we cover the THC flower with the premium oil, it goes through a unique coating process. We always use any powerful indica as the base strain in manufacturing skittles moonrocks. Dry Sift AKA kief closely looking like pollen grains is now used. The final product contains unique terpenes and cannabinoids from the crystal residue or pollen. Buy skittles moon rocks today at Humboldt Bud Company. Also, the 3 unique flavors come with a 64% THC in Skittle moon rock. This is high when looking at the 54% THC  in the usual moon rocks.

Shipping of your Skittles moonrocks

Purchase skittle moon rocks from us since our shipping methods are thus; 60% vacuum sealed 1st layer in well disinfected plastic bags. 70% vacuum seal 2nd layer and 90% vacuum seal of 3rd layer. We place this well sealed pack in a solid arbitrary cartoon. Also, we fill all spaces and irregularities with foams giving you more reasons to buy real moon rocks skittles from us. Furthermore, our team places your pack in a solid box and any crevices and seeming openings are resealed before being shipped out.

Order skittles moon rocks online from us as we prefer a damp anti bacterial wipe be included between the layers of the covering the top, bottom and sides of the original 60% sealed bag.

Get skittles moon rocks us as our packaging technique summarized above prevents your pack from any popping. We take keen precautions, if by any chance the main product within the package pops for any reason during the shipping process, the wrap will combat the smell.

Why purchase our real moon rocks skittles

Buy Skittle Moon rocks online from Humboldt Bud today. We provide quality high THC Skittle moon rocks for sale today in several quantities for you to place an order. An ounce of Skittle moon rocks for sale, Quarter pound of Skittle moon rocks or a pound of our moonrock Skittle strain is available. You have the option to either mix this weed strain with others and have your order processed in under 2 hours.

When buying skittle moon rocks weed online from Humboldt bud Company have the following in mind:

  • Our packaging techniques are unique and revolutionary hence safe.
  • We Ship out your skittle moon rocks in under 3 hours once you place an order so helps to avoid anxiety and long waits..
  • Cannabis Online Hub provides your unique tracking number from UPS or FedEx depending on your location since we avoid small companies with little or unknown reputations.

Requirements in order to ship our Skittles moon rocks to your precise address

Place an order for skittles moonrocks in just a few easy steps. Do you need a to mix the moon rock flavors at a discount? Yes you could with Humboldt bud Company.

Buy our High quality skittles moonrock for sale at best prices at Humboldt Bud Company! Order now – no MMJ card needed! ✓ All moonrock skittles orders are processed in under 12 hours ✓ Secure and discreet delivery!

We are the most reliable and safe platform for you to place an order of skittles moonrocks .

We also provide live videos of our operations on Snapchat.


Additional information


Ounce, 2 Ounces, Quarter Pound

Base Strain

Gelato Glue, Runtz, Biscotti, Wedding Cake, Platinum Strawberry, Hercules, Fruity Pebbles, Green Crack, Girl Scout cookies, Blue dream

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