Chiquita Banana

Chiquita Banana


Boasting a THC of 26.2% even a veteran in the smoking game should get his seat belt on before attempting Chiquita banana.

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Buy Chiquita Banana weed Online from Humboldt Bud Company. Chiquita Banana, grown by Paradise Farms, made headings last year when High Times as well as other magazines called it one of the Strongest Marijuana Stress worldwide.

It’s claimed to consistently check around 30-33% THC– quite a remarkable number. But to be honest, I never placed way too much risk in examination outcomes. I have actually seen the same batch of blossom examination around the board from different labs. The actual test for me is placing some in my lungs.

Take a look at the complete Chiquita Banana pressure testimonial listed below.

The Chiquita Banana buds are chunky, piled and also covered inside out in a heavy coating of trichomes– when I burst a bud the trichomes rain onto the table. The shade spectrum on the fallen leaves is really fascinating, varying from light yellow/green to shades of purple on the pointers. The buds are lightly peppered with small pistils that are a light, virtually apricot-colored hue.
Chiquita Banana has the online reputation of being among the most powerful cannabis pressures in the world. She absolutely has spunk, which of course with a THC material of approximately 29% should come as no surprise.

It is a fine-looking plant with an extremely great shade spectrum on both the leaves and buds. Moreover, in spite of its Sativa leading features, the plant is simple to grow as well as a result suitable for the amateur cultivators amongst us.

There are numerous layers of fragrances that stick out to me when I grind up a nug of Chiquita. I’m first hit with some sweetness, blended with cinnamon, nutmeg and flavor. You can most definitely associate some of the scents to a ripe banana peel. The sweetness after that gets mixed with a wave of kush funk– a tasty combination.

Chiquita Banana marijuana strain is a Sativa leading marijuana hybrid. The herb is well produced in bulk at Humboldt Bud Farms. This marijuana strain is a pressure to be reckoned with because of the impressive 33% THC levels. Beginners ought to bear in mind the dose to avoid stupefying analytical stimulation as well as overwhelming fear. Chiquita Banana marijuana is good for night and also day time usage due to stimulating residential or commercial properties.
Type of High
OG Kush and Banana cannabis causes uplifting cerebral euphoria. Improves state of mind, increases creativity, invigorates the mind. Alleviates stress as well as stress and anxiety. Complied with by sedation and also drowsiness. Minimizes muscle stress, helps with queasiness as well as seizures.

While the wonderful banana impact took spotlight in the odor, the flavor of the Chiquita Banana leans far more towards its kush origins. Each exhale covered my mouth with a mix of natural kush and flavor followed by a lingering sweet taste. Joints ended up being my favored method to smoke this delicious bud– each struck down to nearly the end was delicious, tidy and smooth. This pressure will certainly leave you licking your lips.



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