Moon Rocks

Buy Moon rocks online from Humnboldt Bud Company today. Our unique moon rocks recipe boasts a THC of 61.3% hence excellent for connoisseurs searching for a way to boost their smoking experience. Smoking our special moon rocks is bound to be a journey. You’ll need water, treats as well as good vibes around if you’re attempting them for the first time.

Moon rocks by Humboldt Bud Company
Moon rocks by Humboldt Bud Company

Moon rocks from Humboldt Bud Company.

Buying moon rocks online from us ensures you are getting the best at affordable rates. We use top quality materials from our wax through to kief. Most Amateur companies hide worst nugs and also low-quality oil under kief. Hence, explains why we give you detailed procedures on Snapchat about our moon rock manufacture.

Also known as marijuana eggs, buying our high quality moon rocks is synonymous to buying champagne from a supermarket. Hence we consider our moon rocks as a top tier product. Our moon rocks contains Grade AA flowers, premium wax and well-filtered kief to boast of an outstanding THC. Our preferred bud of use include; GSC, Blueberry, PES II, Fruity Pebbles.

Why are Our Moon rocks so special?

Our Moon rocks are made by taking individual nugs of Grade AA flower and spraying it with Chiquita Banana Wax. Chiquita Banana strain is a THC monster hence its wax brings in a wonderful addition to our moon rocks lineup. The coated nugget is later on rolled in kief. Kief, also called plant pollen or dry filter, is the sticky crystals that cover the marijuana blossom. This crystal deposit includes terpenes and cannabinoids. moon rocks for sale on this platform has been verified and with a couple testimonies prepare for an all-time high.

Humboldt bud company moon rocks shot
Humboldt bud company moon rocks shot



How fast do our Moon rocks kick in?

Our moon rocks generally produce a slow burn with some instant effects that truly kick into high gear about 30 minutes in. We urge you to buy moon rocks today from our Team as discounted prices. Moon rocks for sale at Humboldt Bud Company today.

Based upon testimonials from our Clients’, you can anticipate your buzz to stick around for numerous hours or even right into the next day if you’re new to moon rocks or high-THC stress.

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