We are a team of experienced cannabis growers in Humboldt County with extensive indoor farms and greenhouses in Eureka & Arcata. Our largest farm is 3rd generation owned and from our beautiful nugs you exprience the best smoke from the most worthy cultivator. At Humboldt Bud Company, we have made it our goal to provide consumers with high-grade solutions and also premium cannabis at budget-friendly prices. Humboldt Bud Company is your one-stop look for budget-friendly, top quality marijuana delivered right to your door. We are a risk-free, protected and discreet mail-order marijuana service in California, UNITED STATES.
Easy to get, fast shipment as well as several of the very best top quality marijuana. You’ll never have a worry concerning buying your medical or Recreational cannabis. Throughout the years we have seen just how fantastic medical cannabis can be for individuals who experience from a selection of different conditions, disorders and also other medical conditions.
We are passionate regarding helping people with the medical advantages of cannabis, which is specifically why we provide the solutions that we do. With our mail order solution, we strive to obtain our clients the clinical marijuana they require and when they need it.

Your NUMBER 1 Online Cannabis Hub:
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Our extensive huge facility, boasting of 13 indoor farms and 36 greenhouses,
coming together to help meet with the needs of the Medical or Recreational Cannabis consumer.



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With our CBD Syrup and RSO Oil comes;

Pain and Inflammation Relief

Nausea Reduction

Fights Cancer and Reduces Anxiety

Just a Few benefits among a Hundred reason to try it out

Moon Rocks

Our Elite Moon rocks boast of a monster outstanding THC.

This stand alone bud THC arises from its somehow complicated preparation.


With our Cannabis Cigars, you’re sure to receive a Cannabis product by nature and contents, hence its the purest cannabis experience. We offer:
Regular cannagars &
rose petal cannagars.


Been on your CBD Living Sleep Aid for almost a year now; it has been of great help with my neurological Disorder and critical Insomnia issues.
Kathyln Bellamy
Jonesboro, NC
Your RSO oil, was of great help relieving Pains from long working hours and also helped greatly in combating my wife's inflammation which was a great issue we avoided using opoiods for.
Jeffrey Wiggins
Alloa, Scotland
With my Nephew continually suffering from Seizures, your CBD syrup greatly helped out with its Psychoactive effects and also greatly helped in reducing my Nausea.
Skeylore Michelle
Austin, TX

What we Bring to The Table

With Cannabis Hub, you’re sure to have a vast variety of Indoor grown Strains of High THC or CBD varying with respect to your Recreational or Medical Needs.
We have a well respected Staff (Humboldt Bud Team), always ready to receive all your Questions and Clarify all your worries.
With Our Excellent Customer Support and Wide Shipping Options, we urge and ensure all our Clients become regulars with our Excellent and Outstanding run so far.

Connect With An Agent Right now to Ask Your Questions

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Arrival Of Your Buds

The Cannabis Online Hub Team is at your Disposal 24/7. All orders are Processed in under 3 hours and ready to be shipped out with the Best of Packaging Conditions;
-To Disguise your Package
-Protect your Identity          
-Ensure your buds arrive your precise location on time while fluffy.

-You get your USPS/FedEx tracking number once payment is confirmed

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Moon Rocks Availability

Moon Rocks are being shipped out thrice a week; Mondays, Wednesdays Fridays.
This is due to its HIgh Demand and Complex but thorough Preparation methods. Hence we ensure to meet all our Clients’ needs of Quantity and Quality while working by these Norms

Shipping & Discounts

All Discount Codes will be provided to clients who are referred to our Hub by any of our Growers via Social Media.
Once you are in possession of a Discount Code, Cannabis Online Hub takes Care of your Shipping Costs and ensures you get an overnight Shipment to your Precise location.

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bulk discount: 3 lbs


quarter pound


half pound




Packaging & Storage :
We maintain the stock of our Cannabis Flowers, buds and Wax in appropriate conditions to hold on to their quality for a long period. We also have a premium and stern packaging facility, where the Buds, seeds and oils are kept, packed in a sterile and safe environment. Our storage facility is well connected to our logistics unit thus ensuring quick delivery and convenient send off.

Delivery :
We give surety of safe and on-time delivery owing to our well maintained stocks, of Medicial flowers (Cannabis) and strong supplier base. We are staffed with experienced packaging workers and they ensure that the Cannabis Buds, seeds and wax are packed such that they reach the buyers in intact and hygienic conditions, without any damage to them.